How to Easily Download Movies from Netflix

With Netflix being ranked as the most popular streaming service with more than 209 million current subscribers, everyone is always checking out what are the latest and best shows and movies the streaming giant is offering.

However, while many of us like to watch Netflix programs on the go outside the house, the amount of bandwidth that is needed for optimal viewing can be greater than what may be available through a wireless plan. And who wants to get penalized if you are paying extra for your cellular data?

This makes a Netflix option that they provide subscribers a real bonus to their service.

Netflix allows its subscribers to download their content onto electronic devices so when people are out on the road, there is no need to stream. The programs are already saved and stored nicely on a device such as a phone or a computer and then the internet is not even needed at that moment. Still, be aware that Netflix does not make all content available to download and save. Some of the content is only visible through active streaming.

Update the App

If you are interested in downloading content from Netflix for later viewing, make certain you have the latest and most up-to-date Netflix app on your device. It will possibly save you a headache later on if things are not synching up the way you expected them to. They are always adding extra features, so be on the safe side and be sure you are using the latest version of the app.

How to Download Netflix Content on Your Smartphone

It is usually extremely simple to download shows from Netflix onto your phone. But there are options that you should be aware of that will make things go much smoother.

To download, just click on the program you are interested in storing on your phone and click the Download tab. Netflix usually supplies a Download tab to click on right next to the title of the program and also an extra Download tab at the bottom of the screen on the phone.

The latest version of the app has the default setting set so it will only download this content when the phone is connected to a wi-fi network. Plus, if you are concerned about how much memory the content will take out of the storage on your phone, you can set it to Smart Downloads. This ensures that once you watch the program, it will automatically be deleted from your phone and won’t be eating away extra space.

How to Download Netflix Content on Your Computer

First, launch the Netflix app on your computer, whether it be a laptop, desktop, iPad, or tablet. Find the content you are interested in downloading, click on it, and see if the download option is available. Also, you may go straight into the menu and click on the tab Available for Download to see plenty of content that you don’t have to second guess whether it will be allowed to be downloaded and saved on your computer. You can find the content you have saved through the tab My Downloads.

By following these simple directions, you will be able to constantly view Netflix programs even while you are offline and off the grid!